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Air Clean



Impianto trattamento acque - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto trattamento acque industriali polo petrolchimico - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto compostaggio - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto trattamento rifiuti - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - torre di lavaggio chimica - Italia


Impianto produzione energia da biomassa - biofiltri e umidificatori - Italia


Impianto di aspirazione industriale - estrazione dell'aria - Spagna

专用于玻璃、砖块、石膏、骨料及沥青制造企 业的除尘处理厂

Impianto aspirazione industria siderurgica - impianto aspirazione - Italia

铸造企业、铁钢企业、支管与管接头生产 企业及机械工业所排放之粉尘与烟气的吸入与 处理厂

Processo di trattamento galvanico - impianto aspirazone fumi - Italia


Impianto biomasse zootecniche - biofiltri - Italia


Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - biotrickling e impianto estrazione aria a servizio - Italia


Impianto rendering campionamenti olfattometrici - biofiltro - Spagna



生物系统 (处理空气)



吸附器 (气体洗涤塔)


吸附器 (空气净化专用活性炭)






Impianto trattamento rifiuti – cabina afonica – Italia






Impianti Compostaggio - Composting plant





Three international Air Clean successes in the first half: AsiaWater, IFAT and CIEPEC

The cycle of events of the first semester which saw Air Clean play a leading role in international markets such as Malaysia, Germany and China, is successfully completed. AsiaWater, IFAT and CIEPEC are...

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Air Clean meet you at CIEPEC, Beijing, June 7-9, 2018

Air Clean is delighted to invite you to meet our staff at CIEPEC, Beijing, June 7-9, 2018, Italian Pavillon, hall 3, Booth 8! Our Engineers will be happy to inform you about Air Clean technologies...

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Air Clean is waiting for you at IFAT!

Air Clean exhibits at Ifat 2018, from 15 to 18 May 2018, hall A4 booth 217.The Air Clean staff will be available for information and in-depth information on systems for environmental rehabilitation...

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Air Clean technologies officially launched on the Egyptian market

With the release of C14 certification, the Egyptian Ministry officially approves Air Clean technologies, thereby decreeing their official launch on the market. Thanks to a close collaboration with the...

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In April and May, Air Clean will meet you at: ASIAWATER Expo and IFAT

Two important events in the months of April and May, will see the Air Clean first engaged in Malaysia and later in Germany.Air Clean will be happy to welcome you at its stand to: . ASIAWATER Expo that...

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WG13, NEW WORKING GROUP ON THE RULES FOR THE TREATMENT OF GAS EMISSIONS Biological equipment for waste gas treatment

Within the ISO / TC 142 "Cleaning equipment for air and other gases" was created the new working group 13: Biological equipment for waste gas treatment with the following scope: "to produce international...

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new project, new plant

new plant exposure study: lights and shadows exposure study, see animation! fb exposure study, see animation! t

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our best wishes!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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AIR CLEAN, ECOMONDO PAD. A3 STAND 107: the technologies for odour and Voc emissions

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Air Clean Success at Eu Gateway to China

Air Clean Srl thanks to its Unique Market positioning and differentiated product offering was delighted to be selected for the EU Gateway Business Mission in China. This was organized and promoted by Eu...

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Air Clean newest bio-technology for air treatment: CrumRubber™

Air Clean is a company specialising in environmental rehabilitation of polluted air streams, primarily from industrial emissions, waste water and solid waste treatment processes. Air Clean operates on...

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our best white wishes!

buon Natale e felice anno nuovo - Светлого Рождества и Счастливого Нового Года! - 我们最白的祝愿 - Gesëende Kersfees - Een Plesierige Kerfees...

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Appointment tomorrow at Pollutec, Lyon, Hall 5 stand A102 Anua Clean Air International

See you tomorrow in Pollutec Lyon, from 29 November to 2 December, at our strategic partner Anua Clean Air International Ltd. At the booth Anua Clean Air Int. will be able to have all the information...

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Air Clean rewarded at Ecomondo 2016

Air Clean participated as an exhibitor at Ecomondo in Rimini 2016 edition, too. For this reason he was awarded by the President and Ecomondo Team, getting the recognition for 20 years of presence at E...

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The European Commission awards the Seal of Excellence Certificate to Clean Air

The prestigious Certificate Seal of Excellence was awarded by the European Commission to the Air Clean Srl, on the technological research and development project implemented within the framework of climate...

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Meeting at Ecomondo, Rimini 8-11 November, pad. D2 stand 14

Air Clean is waiting you to Ecomondo, Rimini, 8-11 november pad. D2 stand 14! "We racall to your mind that Air Clean manufactures environmental rehabilitation plants / air treatment plants. Our solutions...

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Well Weftec fair in New Orleans

Very positive experience for Air Clean as exhibitor and for the first time in the USA Weftec event, which was held in New Orleans September 26 to 28. Meetings and contacts have confirmed the great...

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Air Clean exhibit at Weftec, New Orleans September 24-28,

Air Clean will exhibit at WEFTEC 2016, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, in New Orleans, September 24-28, where we will be happy to introduce you to our...

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Inaugurated three new biofiltration MÓNASHELL plants in Jordan

Inaugurated three new biofiltration MÓNASHELL plants in Jordan. The first biotrickling unit is in service of a municipal waste water treatment plant, the filter uses patented filtering...

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Inaugurated 6 new biofiltration MÓNASHELL plants in Iraq

The waste water pumping station in Al-Mahmoodiah, Iraq, inaugurated 6 biofltration system plants, made by Air Clean. The new biotrickling with the patented biofilter MonaShell®, has a total...

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International success Air Clean at IFAT 2016

Great success Air Clean at IFAT Munich: international attendance at the stand with great interest in the biofilter MÓNASHELL, and more ... Countries that visited us: Belgium, Brazil, China...

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Air Clean will be present at IFAT Munich, halle B3 stand 106

Air Clean will be at IFAT 2016, which will be held from May 30 to June 3, 2016, halle B3 stand 106. Air Clean staff will be at disposal for any information and follow-up meeting about environmental...

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the Air Clean website in Chinese

our website available in Chinese language  

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the Air Clean website in Russian

our website available in Russian language

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our best wishes

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Enthusiasm for the lesson in the Air Clean for doctoral students of the University of Insubria

Took place in December, the study session on Air Clean, which has seen the participation of graduate students at the University of Insubria.   The appointment is part of the Air Clean active...

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New biofiltration plant inauguration in Turkey

Tested the new deodorization system in the service of the wastewater treatment plant in the beautiful town of Amasya, Turkey. The provision is part of an operation financed by pre-accession funds made...

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Ecomondo: specialized and many foreigners visitors at Air Clean stand

Air Clean has recorded fewer visitors, but more interested, specialized and many of them foreigners. Also positive meetings with buyer arranged through the electronic platform of Ecomondo. ph. biofilters...

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Air Clean: positive presence in Morocco Pollutec

Air Clean satisfied with the participation at Pollutec Morocco      Ph. Mr. Habib Baazaoui and wife - Safety & Environment Engineering (S2E) - Tunisia

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Air Clean factories open to graduate students of the University of Insubria

Lecture to graduate students of the University of Insubria in Air Clean factories  Air Clean continues with the traditional collaboration with leading universities, to conducts studies...

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Air Clean meets at Pollutec Maroc

Air Clean will be present at Pollutec Marocc, pavillon ICE Italia, stand E49 event for environmental professionals, the 7th Pollutec Morocco exhibition will take place from 21 to 24 October...

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Air Clean meets at Ecomondo 2015

Air Clean will be present at the green technologies expo, Ecomondo 2015, 03rd to 06th November 2015, held in Rimini, Italy. Ecomondo is the 19^ international trade fair of material & anergy recovery...

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Chinese language for Air Clean

Air Clean opens to a new market: its new brochure has been translated in Chinese language.  

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Brochure in Russian language

New Air Clean brochure is ready to be downloaded in Russian language

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A company dedicated to the treatment of emissions into the atmosphere

"A company dedicated to the treatment of emissions into the atmosphere" SmartCity Magazine - February/March...

Emissions control

"Emissions control" ICP Magazine - December 2017

Emission control technologies

"Emission control technologies" SmartCity Magazine - November December 2017

Air Clean: emissions control http://www.hitechambiente....

First dual stage biotrickling filter by Air Clean in Oman

"First dual stage biotrickling filter by Air Clean in Oman" magazine Aww June 2017

Air Clean's new bio-technology for air treatment

"Air Clean's new bio-technology for air treatment" magazine Aww January 2017

The technologies for the control atmospheric emissions

Technologies for emission control

"Technologies for emission control" L'Ambiente Magazine - September October 2016

Air treatment

"Air treatment" HiTech Ambiente Magazine - November 2016

Air Clean combats bad odours in Jordan

"Air Clean combats bad odours in Jordan" magazine Aww Agosto 2016

Improve efficiency of industrial processes

"Improve efficiency of industrial processes" Efficiency & Environment magazine - May 2016

Remove dust - The recovery of heat from the dedusting of hot gas containing powders according to Air Clean

"Remove dust - The recovery of heat from the dedusting of hot gas containing powders according to Air...

Biofiltration technologies for emission control

"Biofiltration technologies for emission control" ICP Magazine n. 5 - May 2016

Conventional systems and green bio-technologies

"Conventional systems and green bio-technologies" Industry & Chemistry magazine n. 2 - March/April...

Dust abatement recovering heat - acid gas purification

"Dust abatement recovering heat - acid gas purification" AIDIC news Magazine n. 1- February&nb...

Dust abatement recovering heat - acid gas purification

"Dust abatement recovering heat - acid gas purification" ICP Magazine n. 2 - February 2016

Annone: composting plant, the biofilter causes odours, proposed solutions

 "Annone: impianto di compostaggio, causa degli odori è il biofiltro, proposte soluzioni...

Two important news

"due important novità" (two important news) ambiente plus magazine 19-11-2015 http://ambien...

Treatment of atmospheric emissions

"Il trattamento delle emissioni in atmosfera"  (Treatment of atmospheric emissions) magazine&...

Ecomondo with the Italian green economy in Turkey

"con ecomondo la green economy italiana in turchia"  (ecomondo with the Italian green economy in...

Traditional and innovative biological technologies

"sistemi tradizionali e innovative tecnologie biologiche" (traditional and innovative...

Change of scenery ! Traditional systems and innovative

"AIR CLEAN Cambiare aria! Sistemi tradizionali e tecnologiebiologiche innovative e “...

Ecopark 4 Barcelona metropolitan area

"Ecopark 4 de l'Área Metropolitana de Barcelona" (Ecopark 4 Barcelona metropolitan area ) magazine...

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