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Air Clean



Impianto trattamento acque - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto trattamento acque industriali polo petrolchimico - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto compostaggio - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto trattamento rifiuti - biofiltro - Italia


Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - torre di lavaggio chimica - Italia


Impianto produzione energia da biomassa - biofiltri e umidificatori - Italia


Impianto di aspirazione industriale - estrazione dell'aria - Spagna

专用于玻璃、砖块、石膏、骨料及沥青制造企 业的除尘处理厂

Impianto aspirazione industria siderurgica - impianto aspirazione - Italia

铸造企业、铁钢企业、支管与管接头生产 企业及机械工业所排放之粉尘与烟气的吸入与 处理厂

Processo di trattamento galvanico - impianto aspirazone fumi - Italia


Impianto biomasse zootecniche - biofiltri - Italia


Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - biotrickling e impianto estrazione aria a servizio - Italia


Impianto rendering campionamenti olfattometrici - biofiltro - Spagna



生物系统 (处理空气)



吸附器 (气体洗涤塔)


吸附器 (空气净化专用活性炭)






Impianto trattamento rifiuti – cabina afonica – Italia






Impianti Compostaggio - Composting plant




AIR CLEAN joined SUEZ for a business acceleration event in Barcelona

On 14 and 15 November, the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and SUEZ, in partnership with Naturgy, promoted a Corporate Day in Barcelona. 19 companies funded by the SME Instrument strand from the EIC pilot, shared their vision towards a circular economy with top corporate representatives.

The event was organised by Business Acceleration Services available to companies funded by the EIC pilot and was held at the Museu Agbar de les Aigües, a drinking water pumping station and a museum in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, as courtesy of the local water company Aigües de Barcelona All the companies present were selected by their innovative approaches to water management and distribution, waste management, air quality, data analytics, IoT, energy efficiency, asset inspection, and predictive management.

On the evening of the first day we attended a networking dinner and got a private tour of the Museu Agbar de les Aigües where we learned more about the water distribution system in Barcelona. On the morning of the second day, we had the chance to pitch AIR CLEAN to a jury composed of SUEZ and guest partners. The afternoon was reserved for one-to-one meetings, in an informal and relaxed setting, we were able to go in-depth into our business development needs and discuss possible partnerships and business ventures.

Speaking about the event, Andrew Collier, Digital Open Innovation Leader at SUEZ, said: “Open Innovation is really important for SUEZ because SUEZ is a big company and it doesn’t always move very fast, but because SMEs are more agile they can help us bring new solutions to market faster.” He also added “Today, we’ve met companies working on IoT, big data analytics and artificial intelligence. I’m confident that some of them can become great partners and help us bring new solutions to market for our customers or to improve our internal operations.”

María Monzó, Director of Innovation and Knowledge at Aigües de Barcelona, also shared her impressions on the event: “When we’re speaking about entrepreneurship, the two key issues are the idea and the team behind that idea – the strength and motivation of the people to develop the idea, to carry it out and to make it successful. I think we found both of these things on the companies we saw here today.”

“We’re very happy to have attended this Corporate Day event promoted by the EIC pilot. We believe our solutions are aligned with the business of SUEZ and we hope to start a partnership that can help us scale-up our business in the future.”

发表 20/11/2018

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