Technologies/Systems for air treatment, deodorization, composting, biodrying, stripping and biogas desulphurization

Air treatment and deodorization plants for wastewater and solid waste treatment plants and industrial processes.

– Air Clean integrates patented proprietary biotechnologies and traditional technologies, such as chemical scrubbers and adsorption filters; solutions approved as Best Available Technologies BAT.

SUSTAINABILITY: Air Clean’s proprietary biotechnologies use recycled filling media with a very low environmental impact (carbon footprint) and therefore an ideal partner for the ecological transition.

– RELIABILITY: Air Cleanhas been manufacturing its systems in Italy and installing them all over the world for more than 20 years, ensuring the best efficiency and high quality after-sales assistance.

– CUSTOMIZATION: the Air Clean engineering department studies the best solution for each plant, integrating all available technologies to best meet project.

– COSTS: thanks to the patented fillings media and the engineering specifically developed to minimize pressure drops, low power consumption and maintenance costs and reduced water consumption, the AirClean systems ensure very low operating costs (OPEX), comply with the criteria of the circular economy by minimizing residues at the end of life.

The emission control, for the protection of the environment, is a benefit for everyone.

Applications and areas of intervention

We strongly and have always believed that environmental protection is a benefit for everyone, and that’s why we have made the control of emissions into the atmosphere our mission since 1992.
The Air Clean systems, manufactured in its factories in Italy (made in italy), are specific and calibrated for maximum efficiency in every single application, as well as sustainable.
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From the Air Clean design and engineering department: tailor-made design for waste treatment, water treatment, biogas treatment, odor treatment.
The proposed Air Clean systems are the latest generation, evolving and responding to current needs and applications, thanks to the company’s , continuous investments in research & development, also through collaboration with Universities, making use of the best partners of the Italian and the rest of Europe industrial system, pilot plants, etc.

Services and environmental consultancy

Air Clean offers both in Italy and abroad (our international contact): technical assistance, environmental consulting, engineering and design, plant construction, revamping, all that with internal, trained, qualified, specialized and constantly updated technical staff.
Furthermore, Air Clean is certified and qualified to participate in calls and tenders.

The numbers of Air Clean

over 1000 systems installed
over 6,500,000 m³/hr treated
over 60 Applications
present in over 35 countries


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