Air Clean participated as an exhibitor at Ecomondo in Rimini 2016 edition, too. For this reason he was awarded by the President and Ecomondo Team, getting the recognition for 20 years of presence at Ecomondo.

Satisfaction for the success decreed by the number of visitors at the stand, visitors who enthusiastically embraced the systems offered by the company, in particular the ability to propose concrete and “customized solutions” for all problems regarding the emissions.

Great interest to the patented bio-filtering systems (Anua Clean Air MónaFil®, MónaShell® and CrumRubber™), especially for the new bio-filtering CrumRubber™ system, which uses as support the exhausted rubber of used tires, a material that has the ability to remove catalytically and convert the hydrogen sulfide to sulfate, and specifically used in biogas plants.

Particularly interesting were the meetings with many students and researchers of Universities interested in further information on systems and proposed technologies.

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