Capture of pollutants is the first problem. Air Clean can provide systems both for emission containment and for ventilation that can capture polluted substances for final treatment before release to atmosphere.

Treatment technologies are selected based on the characteristic of waste that has to be treated. The technologies utilized for the first phase are either dry or wet dust removal followed by a gaseous pollutant removal system or a combination of systems (chemical scrubber, activated carbon, biological system).

Odor, ammonia and VOC removal in the solid wastes treatment plants by means of scrubbers and biofilters

Industrial waste treatment plants often develop organic and inorganic compounds, due to anaerobic activity. Depending on the characteristics of the emission chemical scrubbers, activated carbon systems or biological systems (biofilters, biotrickling) can be used.

Reference technology

Removal of odour generated by industrial sludges processing plants using biotrickling filters

In the treatment of industrial sludges third stage systems, the various processes (e.g. the deacidification with lime) often give rise to pollutants in the form of organic compounds VOC and dust. This pollution can be either incompatible with the activities of workers in the factory or cause nuisance to people living nearby.

Air Clean manufactures systems for the reduction of pollutants in these industries.

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Removal of organic compounds produced by the paint barrels disposal using activated carbon systems

During the re-processing of metal containers containing exhausted paints, issues arise relating to solvents contained in paint residues.

Air Clean manufactures equipment for the collection of these emissions and treatment with activated carbon.

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Removal of odour generated by hospital wastes treatment plants

The sterilization of hospital waste (by steam injection) are often a source of hot gases which release unpleasant odors.

Air Clean manufactures equipment for the removal of chemical compounds responsible for mal odour.

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