Complete operations and autonomy also at an international level

  • Specialized technicians visit to the site for survey and study.

  • Projects design by in-house engineering division.

  • Full realization plant by in-house laboratory division.

  • Delivering and installation by specialized staff.

Research and development kept on

  • Environmental monitoring and pilot plants.

  • Presence in major trade shows and conventions.

  • Partnership with a University Research Centre.

  • Exclusive distribution of Monafil®, Monashell® and CrumRubber™ biological proprietary systems, developed by Bord na Móna.

Complete systems customization

Full customization of plants starting from the design stage as well as at the manufacturing stage allowing Air Clean to offer unique competitive solution with high quality products. Access to the latest consolidated technologies and continuous research process allows us to provide the best solution for every application.

Services and environmental consultancy

Air Clean offers both in Italy and abroad (our international contact): technical assistance, environmental consulting, engineering and design, plant construction, revamping, all that with internal, trained, qualified, specialized and constantly updated technical staff.
Furthermore, Air Clean is certified and qualified to participate in calls and tenders.