Air Clean offers both in Italy and abroad (our international contact): technical assistance, environmental consultancy, engineering and design, plant construction, revamping, all with internal, trained, qualified, specialized and constantly updated technical staff.

Assistance all over the world with our qualified techniciansi who are constantly updated according to regulations.

Environmental consultingand feasibility studies with qualified Air Clean consultants and synergies with selected companies.

Engineering and design by our departments with qualified and constantly updated engineers and designers.

Made in Italy systems construction in Air Clean factory with qualified staff, constantly updated according to regulations.

We work: stainless steel (inox), polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride (PE, PP, PVC), galvanized sheet (ductworks), iron (carpentry).

We manufacture and assemble the complete plant:body and related piping, control panels, filters, up to the start-up and testing.

We follow all the construction stages up to the final test both in Italy and abroad with Ari Clean staff.

Revamping: we replace the filtering media, even in systems not provided by us, with our specialized and up-to-date technicians.

Shipments all over the world hanks to our qualified office.

Furthermore, Air Clean is certified and qualified to participate in calls and tenders.