Within the ISO / TC 142 “Cleaning equipment for air and other gases” was created the new working group 13: Biological equipment for waste gas treatment with the following scope: “to produce international standards related to the design, performance evaluation and requirements of biological equipment for waste gas treatment. The waste gas here includes the exhausted gases emitted from industrial, agricultural and civil facilities. These waste gases may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odorants, and will pollute the air near the emitting source if there is no suitable treatment”.

Coordination and Secretariat entrusted to China, which has promoted the proposal: prof. Jinying Xi (SAC) appointed as convenor and prof. Yongheng Huang (SAC) as secretary of the new working group.

Biofiltration is a complex process that involves numerous physical, chemical and biological phenomena; with these techniques the gaseous emissions to be treated, containing polluting organic compounds, are being passed through a biologically active porous medium where degraded by microorganisms and transformed into harmless substances (air, carbon dioxide, biomass).

Biofilters are used in various industrial processes that use paints and enamels, in spray booths and in the production of glass and plastic. Biofiltration is also used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the food, feed, paper, petrochemical, and tanning industries, as well as in farms, slaughterhouses and waste disposal.

It is therefore an extremely wide and complex subject for which the involvement of new and specific skills has been necessary with the creation of a new working group and that led to the appointment by the UNI/CTI 242 committee of Dr. Paolo Caruson, CEO of Air Clean, among the experts.

Paolo Caruson has acquired a more than twenty-year experience in the field of emissions treatment in the atmosphere: the company he led, Air Clean, boasts over 1,000 air treatment systems installed all over the world, and specific proprietary technologies for biofiltration (Monafil® , Monashell® and CrumRubber ™). The continuous research and development and the collaborations with Universities, have been a symbol of entrepreneurship that have kept the company at the forefront in the solutions of environmental problems and the recognition within the Seal of Excellence is an example.

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