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Air Clean

Systèmes d'assainissement de l'environnement 

Traitement de l'air
Biogas upgrading

Impianto trattamento acque - biofiltro - Italia

Neutralisation des émissions gazeuses produites par les stations de dépuration des eaux usées urbaines

Impianto trattamento acque industriali polo petrolchimico - biofiltro - Italia

Neutralisation émissions gazeuses produites par les stations de dépuration des eaux usées industrielles

Impianto compostaggio - biofiltro - Italia

Traitement des émissions gazeuses produites par des unités de traitement des déchets urbains

Impianto trattamento rifiuti - biofiltro - Italia

Réalisation de systèmes de fermentation aérobies pour les unités de traitement des déchets urbains

Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - torre di lavaggio chimica - Italia

Traitement des émissions gazeuses produites par des unités de traitement des déchets industriels

Impianto produzione energia da biomassa - biofiltri e umidificatori - Italia

Traitement des émissions gazeuses issues de l'industrie agroalimentaire et du traitement des déchets qu’elle produit

Impianto di aspirazione industriale - estrazione dell'aria - Spagna

Unités d’aspiration et de neutralisation des poussières pour les industries du verre, des matériaux de construction en terre cuite, du plâtre, du ciment, des déchets inertes, du bitume

Impianto aspirazione industria siderurgica - impianto aspirazione - Italia

Unités d’aspiration et de neutralisation des vapeurs et poussières pour fonderies, l’industrie sidérurgique, les robinetteries et les usinages mécaniques en général

Processo di trattamento galvanico - impianto aspirazone fumi - Italia

Traitement des émissions produites par les procédés de traitement superficiel

Impianto biomasse zootecniche - biofiltri - Italia

Traitement des émissions gazeuses produites par des procédés industriels en général

Impianto trattamento rifiuti speciali - biotrickling e impianto estrazione aria a servizio - Italia

Installations spéciales

Impianto rendering campionamenti olfattometrici - biofiltro - Spagna

Consultations en termes d’environnement

Les systèmes biologiques (traitement de l'air)


Absorbeurs (tours pour le lavage du gaz)

Adsorbeurs (purification de l'air à l'aide de charbon actif)

Dépoussiérage par voie humide

Dépoussiérage par voie sèche

Impianto trattamento rifiuti – cabina afonica – Italia

Ventilation industrielle



Impianti Compostaggio - Composting plant

Installations de compostage

Plantes spéciales



Technologie Biotrickling avec coques adaptées au traitement des gaz acides (400 ppm H2S) et des COV (2 grC / m3) dans le domaine industriel (peinture, fonderie, industrie alimentaire, etc.)



Produit à base de tourbe conçu pour la biofiltration



Système biologique sur support en caoutchouc recyclé pour l'élimination de fortes concentrations de H2S (5000 ppm) et de siloxanes du biogaz

Politique Intégrée

Integrated Management System Policy: Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Air Clean a company specialized in the environmental rehabilitation of air, water and waste which, in particular, boasts consolidated international experience in the construction of air treatment plants.

Air Clean S.r.l.aims to acquire and maintain a leadership position among the companies operating in its sector, distinguishing itself not only for qualitative aspects but also for health / safety and environmental aspects.Air Clean fact, it considers the quality of its products / services, the health and safety of its workers and respect for the environment as fundamental values that must guide top management in all company decisions, as well as the workers in carrying out their duties.

Based on this premise, Air Clean S.r.l.has identified in the mandatory legislation applicable to her and in the ISO 9001: 2015 standards;ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 are the reference guidelines to inspire and conform all company choices.

The commitment of Air Clean S.r.l. is therefore aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality of its products / services;the health and safety of its workers and respect for the environment.

In this perspective, with this document and through the documentation of the Business Management Systems, Top Management has defined and disclosed within Air Clean S.r.l.its own Company Policy.

The objectives of the Company Policy of Air Clean S.r.l. are:

  1. operate with the commitment to comply with all mandatory standards applicable to the company, all the requirements and commitments signed and voluntarily undertaken by the company, including the ISO 9001: 2015 standards;ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018;
  2. increase its market shares;
  3. work to achieve full customer satisfaction, respecting all their expectations and needs, which arise mainly from contractual agreements signed with the company;
  4. operate by ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of all company activities, identifying the necessary resources to ensure full compliance with current regulations and the principles of diligence and fairness;
  5. correct and prevent any non-compliant situations;
  6. operate for the continuous involvement of company personnel and for the development of their knowledge and skills, through the organization of training and information moments that guarantee: professional growth, awareness, a sense of responsibility and a high level of professionalism (managerial, management and operational);
  7. favor suppliers who operate with a view to continuous improvement: the quality and safety of their products and services;the health and safety at work of their workers and the environmental aspects related to their activity;
  8. ensure that all company premises are healthy and livable environments;
  9. reduce the production of waste by reusing or recycling it where possible;
  10. arrange for the disposal of non-reusable or recyclable waste, in full compliance with current legislation;
  11. reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy with a view to greater environmental sustainability;
  12. prevent the possibility of pollution and / or environmental damage directly related to the company's activities, operating in full compliance with the mandatory environmental legislation;
  13. disseminate the culture of quality, the environment and that of health / safety at work, both within the company and among its customers and suppliers;
  14. pursue a continuous improvement of existing technologies, plants, machines and equipment, in order to improve the qualitative aspects of company products / services as well as, to eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks to health / safety at work and the impactenvironmental aspects of company activities;
  15. maintain a transparent and collaborative relationship with public authorities, with the relevant Control Bodies and with all other relevant stakeholders identified by the company;
  16. prevent accidents and damage to the health of workers (including those of any third-party companies that work on their site) and prevent environmental accidents, also by committing to the continuous improvement of the workplace;
  17. periodically review the Policy, Objectives, Targets and related implementation programs ensuring their visibility within the company.

To achieve the objectives, Top Management undertakes to:

  • ensure that the Company Policy is known and supported at all levels of the organization of Air Clean S.r.l .;
  • nvolve and consult workers (in particular the Workers' Safety Representative) and external collaborators on issues relating to health / safety at work and on issues relating to the environment;
  • guarantee the human and instrumental resources necessary for the achievement of company objectives;
  • encourage the improvement of the individual skills of each worker and the establishment of a better corporate climate.

Furthermore, Top Management undertakes to ensure that:

  • aspects relating to health and safety are considered essential elements in the definition phase of new activities or in the revision of existing ones;
  • all workers are trained, informed and sensitized to perform their tasks in full safety, in compliance with the requirements to reduce the environmental impact of company activities and in the awareness of the individual responsibilities of each in the context of the Company Management System;
  • the entire company structure participates, according to its own powers and competences, in the achievement of the assigned objectives, including those of health and safety and environmental management.

This Corporate Policy and the defined System objectives are available both in electronic and paper format;are disseminated and made available to all the staff of Air Clean S.r.l and to anyone else who requests them.The company provides for the dissemination and disclosure of this document with appropriate communication channels.                                                                                                                                       

Bureau de la société: Via Ugo Bassi, 14 - 20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) - Italie
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