Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

This page describes how Air Clean Srl’s social media channels are managed.

The institutional channels are managed directly by Air Clean Srl.


Air Clean Srl’s social media channels are updated with the publication of the following contents: company news, products and services as well as participation in events and fairs.

Air Clean Srl’s social channels publish textual content, photographs, infographics, videos and other multimedia materials owned by the Company.


IThe social media channels are moderated by Air Clean Srl with constant monitoring.

Air Clean Srl invites you to have a polite, relevant and respectful conversation.

Air Clean Srl does not respond to comments that are out of place or that concern statements by political subjects or their choices.

It reserves the right to remove comments deemed illicit, defamatory and/or slanderous, vulgar, harmful to the privacy of others which damage the dignity of people and the decorum of institutions, the rights of minorities and minors, the principles of freedom and equality.

The following are also eliminated:

• comments or posts that present sensitive data in violation of the Privacy Law

Comments and content of the following genres are discouraged and in any case subject to moderation:

• comments not relevant to that particular published topic (off topic);

• comments and posts written to disturb the discussion or offend those who manage and moderate the social channels;

• spam;

• interventions inserted repeatedly

Requests for information and reports from users that come through public comments or private messages are evaluated and transmitted to the competent Air Clean Srl offices or, if appropriate and possible, managed directly. Public comments or private messages that violate the principles and rules expressed in this social media policy will not receive a response.

Air Clean Srl reserves the right to remove any content deemed to be in violation of this social media policy or any applicable law.

For anyone who violates these conditions or those contained in the policies of the tools adopted, Air Clean Srl reserves the right to use the ban or block to prevent further interventions and to report the user to the managers of the platform and possibly to the relevant law enforcement agencies.