Air Clean studies each single problems and provides the best solution taken from a wide range of highly efficient technologies.

Удаление стирола, вырабатываемого при производстве и обработке стекловолокна, при помощи скрубберов и биофильтров более разработанного типа

The fiberglass processing often involves the use of a large amount of solvent. The principal compound is styrene.

The traditional method of treatment is activated carbon which involves high running costs.

Air Clean has made some successful applications for the removal of styrene based on the use of organic media biofilter’s which require very little maintenance.


Удаление формальдегида и летучих органических веществ, выделяемых в процессе обработки пластмасс, при помощи скрубберов и фильтров “biotrickling”

One of polluting compounds that are released during the processing of plastics is made from formaldehyde.

This compound is considered to be a suspected carcinogen and must be removed from the air.

Air Clean realized some installations for the removal of formaldehyde using multi stage MónaShell® biotrickling technology.


Системы по удалению дымов в процессе обработки пластмасс

The plastic industry often involves hot processes which release vapors that must be captured and properly treated.

Air Clean has built several plants in this area, based primarily on the use of wet scrubbing systems.


щи биологических и химических систем Удаление сероводорода и соединений серы в бумажных комбинатах, при помощи биологических и химических систем

One of the problems related to the paper industry is the release of gases containing high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide and other reduced sulfur compounds.

The treatment of these chemical compounds may be made using activated carbon and chemical scrubbers when concentrations are low. For higher concentrations biological systems of conventional type and advanced type multi stage biotrickling filters can be used.


Удаление пыли и запахов, вырабатываемых в фармацевтической и косметической промышленностях, в том числе абсолютная фильтрация для чистых помещений

The pharmaceutical industry often requires guaranteed extreme purity for clean rooms.

Another problem is created by the possibility of emissions of polluting compounds from industrial process’s into the atmosphere.

Air Clean has developed numerous clean room applications in the pharmaceutical industry for both the internal environmental conditions and for the treatment of the emissions produced during industrial processes.


Удаление металлической пыли, образующейся в процессе производства печатных плат

The production of printed circuit boards often involves the milling of the support crate metals. These metals can be dusty and must therefore be picked up and transferred by ventilation pipework to a high-speed air passage inside of dry filters for the collection and separation of dust.

Air Clean has extensive experience in this application and especially in the treatment of aluminum powders which have the added issue of being hazardous.

Удаление пыли и запахов, вырабатываемых при производстве удобрений

The production of fertilizers both of organic and inorganic origin often involves the development of malodorous substances.

Air Clean has built several plants in this area is by using biological techniques or by using conventional techniques.

Поглощение и удаление древесной пыли в процессе деревообработки

During processing and woodwork fabrication release of timber particulates and dust are considered a occupational hazard and a source of environmental pollution. Hard wood formulas are considered a carcinogen, as well as an air pollutant.

Air Clean designs, manufactures and installs systems for capturing the wood particulates which can be captured and the air recirculated into the production process.