If it is compared with traditional systems of abatement (chemical scrubber, activated carbon, thermal oxidation) the biological process has a low environmental impact (no consumption of chemical’s, pollutant are really converted and biologically treated without build up on treatment media with very low energy consumption) and low operating costs due to simplicity of process.

Biological systems are efficient in treatment of both in-organic and organic compounds.

These systems are widely applied to odour applications on municipal wastewater treatment plants and municipal solid waste treatment plants (anaerobic digestion and composting).

The benefits of the biological systems through applied research and development are being deployed to a ever expanding range of Industrial applications.

Air Clean produced biological treatment plants in the following areas: Food and Agri and Plastic industries, Foundries, Paper mills, Surface treatment and coatings, Animal waste processing.

There are different kind of biological systems. They are recently been classified in three main families: biofilters, biotrickling filters and bioscrubbers.

By studying the main features of every specific applications, Air Clean is able to propose the best process with the lowest utility and operating costs. Air Clean offer unique patented technologies with best in class performaced and the lowest life cycle costs.

Семейства биологических систем очистки воздуха