The pollutants are physically removed by the media and biologically oxidized by microorganism’s living in the liquid layer that surrounds the media particles. Physically biofilters are constructed using a media containing vessel or housing with a plenum chamber for air distribution created by incorporating a grid onto which the filter material is installed.

A surface mounted irrigation system ensures the maintenance of proper conditions of moisture content, and temperature: wetting is generally intermittent and controlled by a timer. The quantity of irrigation water can be adjusted to reflect the inlet contaminant loading on the system, inorganic acidic by-products are removed from the system in this way preventing build up and establishment of conditions which inhibit treatment.circuito di lavaggio superficiale garantisce il mantenimento delle corrette condizioni di umidità e temperatura. La bagnatura è intermittente.

The biofiltration media used varies from simple recovered materials (e.g. wood chip, compost) to specially engineered materials designed specifically for air biofiltration.materiali filtranti utilizzati variano da materiali di semplice recupero (es. cippato di legno) a materiali specialistici studiati specificatamente per la biofiltrazione dell’aria.

The main advantages associated with the use of MónaFil®, biofiltration media are as follows Long media life resulting in lower life cycle costs.

Low pressure loss resulting in low power consumption and running costs. Possible to install to a media height of four meters resulting in reduced footprint and capital costs. High Performance and removal efficiencies.

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