Air Clean designs, produces, manufactures and installs complete systems of ventilation.

With regard to the air conveyance, pipes are made at factory of Rho using both metals, galvanized stainless steel sheet, etc., is plastic material, PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene.


Good ventilation and air handling systems are distinguished by effective extraction and treatment, and effective supply of good quality replacement air to ensure adequate ventilation and fresh air minimizing occupational exposure to harm full chemical compounds.

Good air extraction system design is critical to the success of the application.

Air Clean is able to design air extraction filtration systems on the basis of contaminants to be treated.

For example, in the case of extracted airflows containing dust, the in duct air velocity will have to be sufficient for the transport of particulate materia In the case of hot or corrosive vapors, duct materials used for extraction must be properly selected.

In some instances, downstream treatment may not be required as a dispersion stack may be sufficient to dilute the final emission to minimize ground level concentrations to a value which ensures compliance with the limits of concentration of pollutants in the soil. Stack height, local topography and metrological data are the critical parameters.

Air Clean can provide assistance with dispersion models to assist with designing emission stacks.


Maintenance of acceptable environmental conditions in terms of humidity and temperature is an essential element in the workplace.

Special environmental conditions may also be required for particular applications, for example in the textile industry, clean rooms for the production of printed circuits, clean rooms in the pharmaceutical and hospital environment.

Air Clean designs and manufactures these types of air filtration and conditioning systems.

Different systems for cooling air can be supplied including the straightest forward process (evaporative cooling) to fully engineered heat exchange systems (cooling by free cooler systems) rather than evaporative cooling towers or fully engineered installations for the production of chilled water (example of heat pump).


Energy efficiency in production processes is becoming an increasingly important issue. One of the critical aspects in the plants is often the recovery of low grade heat generated by industrial processes.

Air Clean can provide heat recovery systems for inclusion in the production process.

If the temperatures are sufficient recovered heat can be also used the recovered production of electrical energy, ORC systems.